Floristry Seminars

We operate classes as well as special training courses for flower shop executives and florists, on floristry, flower shop management and event organization. Presentations throughout Greece and abroad in collaboration with leading flower shop suppliers, through a program that you will be made aware of in advance. Subscribe now to our newsletter, to be informed immediately.

Flowers at your place

The size of a composition or a bouquet does not matter. This must always be proportional to the space we want to decorate. For the reception area, your office or the dining room, we give you the possibility to always have completely fresh compositions with flowers of our own import, always adapted to your requirements. Suitable for all professional and personal spaces, they will impress with their presence. Special prices for weekly orders.

Placing plants in your place

Change your mood. Decorate your personal or business space with plants in pots with added aesthetic value. Make your environment friendlier, clean the atmosphere and provide euphoria. We will design and recommend suitable plants to make your coexistence harmonious. Our partners can also undertake their maintenance if you wish.

Design, construction and maintenance of gardens

Our specialist partners, agronomists, gardeners and horticulturalists can take over your space at whatever stage you are in. To design him from scratch. To build it adapted to the environment but also to your special requirements. If you are still done with the above, we can take over its maintenance.