Shipping - Returns

Shipping methods

At, flowers are sent using proprietary means of transport. The products are transported on the date, time and to the address you wish, paying the corresponding transport costs

  • For flower shipments throughout the rest of Attica, Greece and worldwide, with FREE shipping through Interflora's network, Netflower.

    (*) The free delivery of flowers outside of Athens and abroad, applies to easily accessible areas such as cities, towns, the country of the Islands and NOT the villages that we do not have in our network, with the contracted sales network. For areas, cities or villages that are not on our list, ask us by phone at +30 210 6523873. If the area you finally choose is hard to reach or not directly served, we will inform you of the additional cost, if any, by phone or e- mail.

    Sending Flowers within Athens

    The flowers are sent every day, from Monday to Saturday, 09:00 am. until 8:00 p.m. On Sunday, deliveries are made from 10:00 am. until 3:00 p.m. or after telephone consultation with us for a time outside our opening hours. Your order must be placed at least 4 hours before the desired delivery time, so that there is adequate time to create and ship the product on time. For your best service, please give us the order order one day before the delivery date. As a general rule, delivery takes place on the desired date and time.

    Flower Delivery Hours in Athens and in the Province and for Same Day Delivery

    On weekdays, flowers in the province are sent/delivered on the same day when the order is received by 17:00 at the latest (with exceptions), otherwise, the delivery is made the next day.


    Next day delivery for orders sent by 5.00.
    Saturday delivery: for same-day delivery, orders must be placed by 5:00 PM at the latest for Athens and by 3:00 PM for the countryside! Sunday delivery: for same-day delivery, orders must be placed by 12:00 in the afternoon at the latest for Athens and for the countryside by 12:00 because the florist network closes after 12:00 and there is no communication with our colleagues! For further clarifications call us at 210 6523873.

    Sending Flowers Abroad

    Sending flowers abroad is done/delivered as follows:

    1. Countries that are behind Greek time e.g. America, Germany: same day delivery if order received by 12:00 on weekdays (except exceptions by contacting us at 210 6523873).
      2. Countries located ahead of Greek time, e.g. Australia, China, Japan: the order should be placed one or two days before the desired delivery date. If it falls on a weekend, you will have to count two days, i.e. Saturday and Sunday, so delivery from Monday or after contacting us at 210 6523873.
      No deliveries are made abroad on Sundays or national holidays of each country.

    Foreign Orders

    ΗYour order must be placed at least one day before the desired delivery date, outside of Europe and N. & S. America, which after consultation with us, we will inform you whether or not same day delivery is possible. On Sundays and public holidays, almost all countries abroad do not deliver flowers: For orders to some countries of the former Soviet Union, S. Korea, Macao, etc. there is a special delivery time regime. That is why you should always consult our store by phone at 210 6523873.

    To send your orders, we cooperate with the international flower delivery network of Interflora, Anthodiktyou, Netflower,, Attention, flower shops abroad are closed on Sundays except for major holidays, such as Mother's Day, etc.


    February 14th – Valentine's Day: Due to the high volume of orders, Valentine's Day orders should definitely be placed at least one day in advance. Attention, on this particular day there is no desired delivery time. The same goes for Mother's Day.

    Christmas and New Year's Day deliveries are made as normal, as long as orders are placed in time.

    Due to a large order load from the international system, an update on the status of your order is made after one to three days and not on the same day (weekends are not counted). In any case, telephone communication with the recipient precedes, both to serve him immediately and to avoid any problem.

    Policy followed before delivery to consignee:

    In any case, telephone communication with the recipient precedes, both for his immediate service and to avoid any problem that may arise. Only if marked in the comments as a surprise or in the do not call before delivery option will we not contact. In the absence of the recipient, our florist will attempt the delivery and leave a business card for the recipient to try to contact us later.

    If for any reason the recipient is unable to receive, our florist will inform you of the progress of the delivery by phone or e-mail.

    Product shortages

    Flowers are seasonal products, and some items are not always available. In this case it is replaced with other flowers of comparable value, size and color. The same applies to the bases of compositions, wraps, wines, drinks. At we try to make every composition look the same as the one you chose in our online store. However, for technical reasons there may be slight variations. Rest assured that each of our compositions is a work of art, made especially for you in our store, and every effort is made to match the corresponding image in our e-shop.

    Returns PolicyYou have the right to return one or more products within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase. In the case of returning the product, fill out the form and contact us by phone in order to inform us of the reasons for the return and the way you want us to serve you. In the event that your return is not due to the company's fault, it will only charge you the direct cost of returning the products. In the event that the reason for your return concerns an error by the company, we undertake to undertake the immediate replacement of the product.

    Refund : You have the right during this time to request a refund in exactly the same way as the purchase was made and it will be made as soon as we receive the product together with the proof of purchase that we will have sent you and which must be in the condition in which we sent it to you.

    Changes: We will do our best to replace the product you have returned to us, whether the product is found to be faulty (same code, size or color changeable), wrong code was sent to you, or for any other reason you can fill in on the form (option Change on the Return Form). For the best possible service, we recommend within 24 hours from the date of receipt.

    Procedure for returning a product

    From the date of receipt of the product you have 14 days to decide whether to return it. In case of returning the whole order or a part of it, please fill out the form.

    Please note that when you return a product to us, we need to know the order number, the product code, as well as your wish for an Exchange, so that we can serve your request as quickly and accurately as possible.

    Products to be returned are sent exclusively to the following address:

    *In case the replacement is not possible due to unavailability of the requested product, we will contact you offering you the alternative options.